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UL(Underwriters Laboratory)


The Safety standards of the U.S. (according to the law in force region) UL 1894 that, Delaware attention by law, the property may affect the human body and about the dangerous materials, equipment, machinery, equipment, structure , technology, and the system of proof to the management, non-profit organization established to operate after being approved. At first, the number of electrical products, safety (risk of fire, etc.), professional analysis of the results provided to the insurance company, the insurance policy writing, or in the evaluation of risk, called the producer of the product improvements that reduce the use of insurance was. But the United States is a leader in the development of safety standards of the approximately 600 types of UL safety standards by the adoption and development, approximately 80% of the standards of the United States as the U.S. national standards (ANSI) has approved on. 5 major test facilities in the United States, UL and the federal government opened a liaison office, and engineering services to regional offices, approximately 200 locations in 14 locations and is the test center.


Propagation and communication about the U.S. certification standards, the private sector is responsible for communication and electronic products that are unnecessary from the copy does not interfere with radio communications in the air are regulated. And wireless communications equipment, as well as peripherals such as wireless devices and computers and that can occur during use of electromagnetic energy, electrical / electronic devices in order to export to the United States must be FCC certified.
CSA (Canadian Standards Association)


In Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards association: CSA) and the creation of standards and certification services are conducted. October 1970, The Standards Council of Canada Act by the SCC (Standards Council of Canada: Standards Council of Canada) was established. Standards Council of Canada as a non-government organizations, promote the adjustment and standardization of Canada, the independent agency is responsible for the enactment of national standards.


Canada certification for telecommunications equipment Canada (IC: Industry Canada) and from the curator. The handset and wireless communication devices, communication devices can be divided into two kinds. Kinds of wireless communication devices, the I (Category I) and Ⅱ species (Category Ⅱ) separated by the kinds of handsets and wireless devices I of the Canadian industry will be authenticated. Two kinds of wireless communication devices registered with the sex industry standard for technology, if you can sell. Declaration of suitability for industrial castle allows electro magnetic waves.


ETL Listes Mark affixed to products that meet the criteria of product safety standards means the minimum, the manufacturer's production cycle, from the scene and assess the suitability of the post-management can determine the suitability. Electrical and electronic products exports to the United States are required to obtain a UL Mark must be approved specifications. The legal regulations of the Sure, the United States UL standards in the market without obtaining the approval mark, as well as the buyer is not found, even if sales are not even went to the United States. Mark approval in the United States UL standards have recognized the depth of consumers, insurance risk assessment and certification to be a matter of availability, as well as represent the United States government is suitability.